“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt




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Hi, I’m Janie M. Kurtz

Ahoy there! No, I’m not actually a pirate, just curse like one, especially since I’m a bit nervous to write about myself. Never fear, after fifteen years of teaching, I’m capable of putting my Young Adult (YA) filter on—they are, after all, my target audience whenever I’m published.

Blessed with the gift of creativity, I currently have a polished manuscript and am in the process of partnering with the right literary agent. Many of my beta readers binged The Variance in two days—which is incredible. The problem is they’re now buggin’ me for book two! But really, it’s incredibly humbling, and I’m excited to give them the next installment soon.

I’ve been to all fifty of the United States, lived in six of them, and currently reside in Colorado with no intention of leaving. I’m busy like so many of us, being a wife and mother, all while working and somehow venturing into new and terrifying realms in pursuit of a dream.

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My First Blog Ever

So, I’m being told to write my first blog about my journey from teacher to author and a general introduction of myself, and… I might go f@#%ing puke instead. I’m so nervous and feel utterly clueless.

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Plotters vs Pantsers

Writing is kinda like a sock drawer. Some of us need it organized through plotting, and some of us let it fly by pantsing. Maybe you’ve done this writing gig a while and know precisely where you fall, or perhaps you’re newer and have no idea what I’m talkin’ bout — either way, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

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